Guitar Lesson FAQ

56 Beauley Road
Southville, Bedminster
Bristol BS3 1QF
Call 0117 963 4849 to book


1. How long is a guitar lesson?

The standard length of a guitar lesson is 30 minutes. Pupils under 10 years often start with a 20 minute lesson, extending this to 30 minutes, when age and concentration span allows.

2. How often should I have a guitar lesson?

Most pupils start and continue with weekly lessons. More experienced pupils may find that one lesson per fortnight is enough to provide a repertoire of pieces to be practised.

3. How do I book a guitar lesson?

Please call me on 0117 963 4849. If I can't get to the phone because I am teaching, just leave a message and your contact number after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

4. Do you teach groups of students?

Most lessons are one to one. There is some scope however for 2 or 3 pupils to learn at one time, depending on ability, age and experience, sharing the cost between them.

5. Do you teach guitar to absolute beginners?


6. What styles of guitar music do you teach?

I teach in a variety of popular styles, such as pop, rock, blues, jazz, folk and classical.

7. Where are your guitar lessons held?

I teach guitar from my home in Southville, Bedminster in Bristol BS3.

8. What should I bring to my guitar lesson?

Just bring your guitar. If you do not already have a guitar, you may want to use one of my guitars in your first lesson, to see which is most suitable – steel string acoustic, nylon string classical acoustic or electric guitar.

9. Can you help me choose my first guitar?

Yes, I can advise you on buying a suitable first guitar.

10. Do I need my own guitar?

Yes. You will definitely need to have an instrument to practise on between guitar lessons to be able to progress.